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At Maui Wedding Coordinators we want to present you the wedding coordinator we believe is the whole package when it comes to Maui wedding planning. We have a reputation to uphold and want to make sure you go home with the experience of a lifetime. We believe the essence of being wedding coordinators in Maui is to make your destination wedding simple and stress-free.

Why We Chose the Maui Wedding Coordinator We Did

 { Killer Communication }

First and foremost we don’t recommend wedding coordinators that don’t return emails or phone calls within 24 hrs Monday through Friday. Obviously, coordinators have lives too, so we cut them some slack on the weekends. Returning communication the next business day is just proper etiquette. We believe trust is won or lost from the first communication. If your Maui wedding coordinator can’t get back to you within a timely manner, trust is lost.  When planning a destination wedding from a minimum of  2500 miles away communication is the backbone of trust!

{ Quality Products and Services }

Amazing Photography

As Maui wedding coordinators we read wedding blogs and look at tons of images and know you do too. Both of us know the difference between amazing wedding photography and poorly lit photos with little life and love. We only use photographers who are professionals at their craft and love making you look amazing. We don’t mess around when it comes to your wedding day, it is a one-time affair and should be treated with the utmost respect and care.

Floral and Wedding Bouquets You Will Drool Over

For us, it happens pretty frequently that brides burst into tears when they see their wedding bouquets. We use a “floral artist” not a florist. Anybody can throw some flowers together, but not everybody can create a work of art with flowers.

Amazing Locations

As wedding planners, we have been to nearly every beach and wedding venue on the island and know the best places to work. During these experiences, we have seen beaches with 5 weddings at the same time and worked with uncooperative venue owners. We made sure our Maui wedding coordinator choose beaches that provided the utmost seclusion, beauty and privacy and venues that provide amazing customer service with extremely helpful staff and delicious food.

Fun Staff to Work With

Just like anything you do in life, being around fun, happy people make any experience better. So it is important the Maui wedding coordinator you work with be excellent at turning frowns into smiles and tears into elation. Simply said “working with fun, professional, capable and happy people will make your wedding day just that much better”.

Professional Wedding Vendors to Work With

Our definition of a professional vendor is someone who brings a wow factor to what they do. As wedding coordinators in Maui, we know who brings the WOW and who doesn’t. If you are looking for hair and makeup artists we have only the best. If you want a videographer that knows how to capture your day perfectly we have that too. Maui is a very transitory place meaning many people move here thinking they can make it as a photographer, videographer etc. and then once their savings runs out, they pack up and head home. You need someone who knows quality vendors who are well established so you don’t have to worry that one of your vendors won’t show up in your big day. So when we recommend someone they are legitimate.

Our Choice for Maui’s Best Maui Wedding Coordinators

 Maui Wedding coordinators - Simple Maui Wedding

If you are looking for one of the best Maui wedding coordinators in the island Simple Maui Wedding is a tried and true Maui wedding company. They have a complete staff to take care of everything and their process works like a well-oiled machine. With three photographers, a professional photo editor, wedding coordinators and additional staff to help, they are no one-man show trying to pretend to be a whole crew. Simple Maui Wedding is one of Maui’s premier Maui wedding coordinators.

Aloha from all of us at Maui Wedding Coordinators!

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